Monday, August 17, 2009

La Jolla Seal Colony

I think I've been so reluctant to blog about our vacation to California because it will mean that it really is over- long gone until next year. Plus, I was stressing over giving a talk in church yesterday and throwing a birthday party for Booker on Saturday, but now that all that is over, I'm out of excuses.

I'll start with our quick trip to the La Jolla coves and seal colony. Apparently, it's a man made cove that was intended to be used by children but eventually the seals took over. We saw a good number of seals, including the cutest little baby seal. Then we tried to get Booker to check out some of the caves but he was having none of it. Maybe next year.

Same slideshow here.

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Cherise said...

Ok, so that picture is THE BEST. It is classic, cute, and perfect. I love it!