Friday, August 21, 2009

Close Enough

M: Alright, Booker, now smile.
B: Ok, mom.
M: And Ike, quit eating rocks.

M: Yeah, but Booker, you know... smile.
B: Ok, mom.

M: Right, ok bud. Just regular face, alright? You know, regular face.
B: Yeah, mom. Regular face.

M: Teichert Blaine, do not put things in your mouth! NOW SMILE!

M: Close enough.


sherry said...

Thanks, this was my first good laugh of the day:)

Kelly said...

hahahahaha thank you for that

Cherise said...

awesome. love it. I love that he is wearing a perfect shirt. "are you talking to me"

I think my kids ignore me when I have a camera. They are so tired of me. :)

daveandlisa said...

That is so adorable! I love it! Sounds like how my photo shoots of the kids go every time.

Layla said...

Your boys are so so cute!