Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coming soon...

to a blog near you- a report on our awesome vacation to San Diego complete with tons of photos but sadly, not all of the photos I took because I lost several to an overly full laptop hard drive. Grrrrrrrr, my insides hurt thinking about those lost photos.

Anyways, I'll return to my usual blogging frequency as soon as I get back into the swing of things, namely learning how to shop, cook and eat vegetarian (Clark's idea, not mine). Tips?



Spence said...

Here's a tip--don't do it!! People have canine teeth for a reason :-)

Shelli said...

I learned to cook vegetarian when Rom and I first were married (20 years ago!). The best thing I did was subscribe to Vegetarian Times. They have some of the best recipes! Also, just surf the web for ideas. My own recipe blog, The Flagging Chef, has some tagged as vegetarian. Good luck!

Minnie said...

Seriously, once you figure out how good food tastes without meat, it is easy!

Layla said...

AHHH I am so excited that you are trying the vegetarian thing out! When I started on the quest to becoming a vegetarian, I depended a lot on these blogs:
Oh and if you have a subscription to weight watchers online, they have a ton of vegetarian recipes.

daveandlisa said...

Vegetarian?!? So does that mean no more ribs? I think you guys are crazy. Meat is so yummy! Good luck with the whole vegetarian thing.