Monday, July 28, 2008

A Cervical Update and Other Things

We haven't blogged in awhile. Clark has a good excuse- he's been studying for the Arizona Bar which begins tomorrow and ends on Wednesday night. He's been taking it pretty seriously and actually goes into his office to study from 8 until 5. I think the real reason he goes into the office to study is because his boss takes them out to lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, Clark gets to eat for free at a variety of delicious restaurants in the company of actual adults while I have been eating leftovers at home with Booker. Fun. I'm not sure what makes me more jealous- the food or the adult conversation.

But I shouldn't complain. My dad and my sister have been visiting us here in Tucson since Saturday (they left today and it nearly broke my heart). I loved having them around, but more importantly, Booker LOVED having them around. He loved showing them his posse of stuffed animals (which are now called his "Buddies" and not his dollies, thanks to Baba's suggestion). Although this was supposed to be a relaxing weekend for my dad, I think he maintained a pretty similar schedule to what he was keeping in Baghdad. He was up at 5:30 with Booker each morning (allowing Clark and I to sleep in until a very generous 8). And he happily took orders from a nearly-two-year-old to read books, play catch and sit on his bed. Booker sure is bossy. Marie also made a great playmate and it was so fun to see Booker's face each morning when he realized that she was STILL at his house. She loaned Booker her wooden bead necklace which remained on all weekend (including in the shower and at church) and had to be removed in the dead of night. They left hours ago and Booker keeps assuring me that Baba and RieRie are either at work, school or sleeping (like his dad) and will be returning soon.

In other news, with less than 4 weeks until my due date, I've started weekly visits with my doctor. Basically, I have to pee in a cup and get my cervix checked. Under any other circumstances, getting your cervix checked (or having an internal exam) is a terribly uncomfortable and horrible procedure. But when you're hugely pregnant and dying for any indication that your baby is coming soon, you count down the days, hours, MINUTES until this awkward encounter with your doctor. Poor Clark can't come near me when I'm pregnant like this (unless he's got leftovers from his special lunch that day) and yet, I'm more than happy to spread my legs for a man I hardly know. Its totally messed up. What's even more messed up, though, is that I'm about to talk about my cervix on the internet.

I know its pretty inconsiderable, but I was thrilled to find out today that I'm 1 cm dilated and the baby is putting A LOT of pressure on my cervix. Um, I didn't need a professional to tell me that. It feels like I'm walking around with a bowling ball between my legs and you definitely don't want to know what happens when I cough/sneeze/laugh. I'm pretty happy with 1 cm, since just one week ago I was "high and closed" with nothing to speak of. I'm also happy with 1 cm because I'm pretty confident that we can go to California (to join the rest of the Proffitts who are already there) in two days and I won't be delivering on the beach or at a KOA campground. So 1 cm down, 9 to go.

And in the meantime, Clark will be kicking the Bar's butt and then we'll be decompressing on a beautiful sunny beach for a few days. I can't wait!

My dad brought Booker and Baby No Name these cute little State Department Shirts. Foreign Service Officer in the making? I think so!

Even better, though, are the Sadr City shirts that Clark and I got. How awesome is that? I bet you don't have a Sadr City shirt.

And this is completely unrelated, but I took this picture on one of our evening walks. Tucson can be really beautiful.


Anonymous said...

YAY! Marg I'm excited for you. Good luck with the next four weeks. I'm praying things will go well. And, really, I can't get enough of the entries about Booker. What an adorable, fun kid.

the coltons said...

you guys went to CA when you were about to have booker, right? always the adventurers :) i better get busy on getting your gift out to you! good luck with the coming weeks.