Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Just the other day, Clark observed that we never really do much celebrating when it comes to big events like birthdays or anniversaries. Well, finishing the Bar is a pretty big occasion so I decided to make a little hullabaloo out of our car (which is currently sitting in our driveway, loaded and ready to hit the road in one hour). Booker chose out the "sun" balloon for his dad. 

I can't wait to greet Clark as he leaves the convention center with all his law school buddies. While they're getting ridiculously drunk tonight, Clark gets to spend six hours in the car with his two-year-old child and hyper-pee-active, pregnant wife. Congratulations, honey!!! 

At least he'll have a slice of carrot cake from Paradise Cafe to snack on during the drive and while his fellow graduates are nursing hangovers tomorrow, Clark will be sitting on Imperial Beach reading books for FUN.  

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the coltons said...

congrats clark - amazing! :) i'm very impressed that you did it - i remember weston telling me all about ELDER PROFFITT (christmas 01) and how cool you were... blah blah... "he's going get his undergrad in chemistry and then go into patent law ... " CONGRATS on the HUGE accomplishment! if only we could all be like you.