Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lake Day

Water sports and I have always kinda had a rocky relationship. I'm the type of person who likes to just sit on the boat with my large Diet Coke, some tanning oil and a good book. Yet every time I make a trip to the lake, I feel this immense pressure to get in the water and impress. 

It all started when I was a kid and used to go up to Idaho with the Pritchetts. Now there's a family who takes their water sports seriously. I think they actually have a rule that someone HAS to be in the water attached to a rope at ALL times. The Garns are similar. They could have thrown Addie in the water and she would have popped right up and started doing flips and jumps across the wake. I don't think anyone ever believes me when I tell them I'm just as happy to sit back and watch their beautiful display of athleticism... and it really is quite beautiful.  

But like I said, I feel pressure to at least try to wakeboard. I'm like this giant, awkward walrus who gets dragged behind the boat for several hundred feet before my poor blistered hands just give up. But I don't mind trying because its probably funny for everyone else on the boat to watch and even though I ought to be horribly embarrassed, I'm not. And sometimes its kinda fun because I actually do get up and manage to stay there for 10 seconds before wiping out.

Today I was especially impressed because I actually got up despite being 7 months pregnant (man, that life-vest was working hard for me). That's nothing, though, compared to my in-laws. Rebecca probably could've given birth right there in the wake, she's that good. In fact, I think that's how Kinsey was born- that girl has lake water in her blood. But when it comes to water sports, I'm a Tueller woman and therefore have something else in my blood... diet coke maybe? I promised myself I would stay up long enough for Clark to take some photos as evidence. He, of course, is totally awesome at wakeboarding and spends his time jumping across the wake and reminding me how pathetic I am! 

Booker's first attempt at water sports was also very impressive. He reluctantly went on the tube with his mom and dad, but was much happier once I pushed Clark off (the tube was better balanced). Otherwise, he's like his mom. Just happy sitting on the boat and pointing out "WATER, MOMMY, WATER!" trees, cactus, birds and the almighty oreo cookie. 

We had an awesome, terrific, amazing and fun-filled day. Thank you Garns for letting us tag along! 


Hobbie said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time at the lake!and I am very impressed with you margaret! I can't even wakeboard on a normal day, let alone at 7 months along :)
the house you found looks nice, which area is it in?...i know the foothills...but are you by Sabino Canyon or Mt Lemon or the other side of Tucson? We will be down in Tucson this weekend. So if you guys are down there and need some fun places to go, i might know of a few :)

Callie Proffitt Christiansen said...

Margaret, I'm actually much happier either just swimming in the lake or chillin on the boat. I can't pull myself up on anything but the knee board. I'm not even sure I could do that still.