Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boys at Bedtime

So a couple of months ago (when I handed most of my parenting duties over to Clark), we started doing something different at bedtime. Rather than put the boys to bed in their separate rooms, Clark would read to them both in Booker's room and then leave Ike in there. This worked out in some ways- requires only one parent for bedtime, mom can go to bed at seven. And wasn't so successful in other ways- the boys stay up an extra hour playing with each other, Ike ends up in his crib once Booker declares that he is "bugging him too much."

Well, last night I overheard the boys belting out this song and jamming on their ukuleles. Ignore the camera work, Clark was hiding in the bathroom using my phone. I love how they're actually listening to a Primary song.


Emily said...

I miss those little boys!! That was so cute!

Cherise said...

that's so funny. dynomite... and I know my savior lives. Perfect match haha.