Saturday, November 20, 2010


I bought my first and probably last baby item for BBC (Baby Boy Cubed).


We're taking name suggestions. Begging for name suggestions actually. I've got nothing.

Unrelated- Booker is really into role playing games. Lately, he's been Milo the Cat. Ike is Otis the Puppy. I am the Mama Kitty Who Never Yells at her Kittens or Puppies. With lots of emphasis on the Never Yells at her Kittens or Puppies part. Pregnancy makes me mean(er). Apparently.

Also somewhat unrelated- I really, really, really hate Christmas shopping.


Baba said...

do those come in a size 12?

ashley said...


Marie said...

I LOVE the name Finn. What about Ari? I know that was an option for BBS (baby boy squared).

Julia Mar said...

Ajay, Lincoln, Leland, Oakley
All unique names that I like and David wouldn't even consider.
Or Heber. We might use that one.

blaine and michelle said...
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Margaret Proffitt said...

Leland is actually a family name. My grandma would be so pleased!

Emily said...

Those cute little shoes almost make me want another baby.


Emily said...

Oh, and about names. I know you'll come up with something great. Obviously, you'll have to stick with the obscure-nobody-else-in-the-world-is-named-that, name. Can't wait to hear what you choose!

emilymhjohnson said...

Oh poor Margaret! I'd be disappointed too! But remember how we were talking about how nice and young you are? You have plenty of time to keep trying for the girl! Maybe this is God's way of making sure you have a ginormous family.

How about Walter? Or we did have another name on the table, we were going to save it for a later kid, but if you like it you can have it - Linus. Keep your chin up - maybe this is the little boy that grows up to become the famous artist. How cool would that be?