Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Oh SeaWorld. I'm trying to convince myself that you were worth visiting. You see, I bought tickets that will let us return again sometime this year, so I want to believe that I had a really good time. And for the most part, I did have a good time and I think we will return in the Fall. The kids LOVED every minute. I just have a very low tolerance for super crowded amusement parks and hot weather. Not even a caramel apple funnel cake covered in soft serve ice cream could lift my spirits. I hate crowds.

I'm glad we brought Dax along (the older, cooler, braver cousin), because he definitely helped Booker get over his fear of whales, sharks, bat rays, moray eels, starfish, flamingoes, cotton candy, so on and so forth. The shows were fantastic and Booker tried everything at least once (feeding sting rays, going on a "scary"ride) because he had Dax by his side. Hopefully it won't be so crowded when we come back.

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Tiffany said...

booker had a fear of cotton candy?!