Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The strangest thing happened yesterday.

Danny turned up.

After weeks of no word from him at all, he turned up. He turned up in a bad way but it could be worse. It could always be worse. My sibling intuition was dead on. Something terrible was happening to my brother two nights ago. I wasn't just being a crazy person.

I wish I could say it was my worrying that willed him back into our lives but I know that's not true. If it were true, I would worry him back to sobriety. I would worry him into a job and a stable living environment. I would worry up a good group of friends that love him and don't beat him within an inch of his life. Heck, I would put my kids in daycare and make worrying about Danny my full time job.

If only it worked that way.

I hesitate to share all this. I'd rather be blogging about the fun things we did in California and I will soon. I guess it's just been on my mind lately, consuming my life in fact. I don't receive distinct spiritual promptings very often. I watch too much reality TV, you see. But two nights ago the Holy Ghost told me to pray for my little brother. And not just pray but actually get on your knees and make it a good one, Margaret, because you might not have many more opportunities to pray for this kid. And so I did. Worrying doesn't bring about change but I have a testimony that fervent prayer can.

Thank you to everyone who has included my little brother in yours prayers lately. It means so much to me.


Emily said...

I was just going to leave a comment about your last post when I saw this one. Danny has been in my prayers and constant thoughts the past couple days. I'm relieved but also so very sad. Poor Danny. That brother of yours has been through so much in his not-so-long life. I just wish he could catch a break and enjoy the life that he deserves. I will say that you are such an incredible sister. I really admire you in more ways than you know. Thanks for being so awesome and for showing me what it means to be a REAL sister. Love ya.

Carly said...

I am so, so glad to hear Danny turned up. Even if it isn't in the best (or even good) circumstance. Hopefully he can change his life soon.

Oh and I am pretty sure my grandma firmly believes worry can change things. She does it for a full-time job. You literally cannot tell her anything slightly negative might be going on or she can't sleep for days (or weeks).

Gates Family said...

I am glad to know Danny finally showed up. I have been wondering for a couple weeks. You are amazing!! Hopefully he'll be able to get some help. Good Luck!!!

Diane said...

I get those same promptings to pray for him; hate it when I do because I know the end story isn't going to be good. If only he understood how much someone up there is watching over him via the prayers those who love him here on earth are prompted to offer for him.