Monday, February 16, 2009

The Matsons = Perfect Traveling Companions

I guess I should explain why we went to Boston in the first place. The annual J. Reuben Clark Law Society Conference was in Boston this year so naturally Clark and Rob (the other LDS associate at the firm) wanted to attend. Its Boston, who wouldn't want to attend? And naturally, Emily (Rob's wife) and I wanted to tag along. 

The Proffitts and the Matsons at Ned Divines. Yum. 

Attending a lecture at the Old South Meeting House

Catching up on some much needed sleep on the plane ride home. Touring, shopping and conference attending is exhausting. 

Rob and Clark waiting for our luggage. 

What? Don't be so annoyed. I had to take a picture- you were wearing matching shirts. 

So the conference is in Salt Lake City next year. Lets plan on a Proffitt/Matson ski vacation! 

Up next- pictures of our trip to Salem with my cousins, the Deardens. 

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Joy said...

How nice it is to finally meet the Matsons! After hearing so many good things its good to put names with faces. How can you say they're the perfect traveling companions? You've never traveled with me and Dave. Now there's a treat. Next time we go anywhere even remotely entertaining, you're invited.