Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Its cold and snowy here in Tucson, so I'm packing my bags and heading somewhere even colder.

Boston, here I come.

I've been having a hard time locating all my old winter clothes and then actually liking the winter clothes I do locate. But I don't care if I look like a huge nerd from 2002 because I'm on vacation- vacation without my kids! But before I take off and forget that I even have kids, I want to thank both Jan and Callie for being brave enough to watch them. I'll thank them now while they're still talking to me. You guys are awesome.

Here's to hoping I can get past all my silly worries and enjoy myself: Will my children die of sadness after 24 hours without mommy? Will I burn with rage when I have to pay $15 to check my bag? Will airport security laugh at my breast pump and confiscate it for no reason? Will I feel like a total loser when I enter Belmont city limits like I did 8 years ago? Will I run into any of my old high schools friends and be ashamed of my muffin top? Will I weep tears of joy when I'm reunited with Jen? Probably. I've really missed her.

Well, that's definitely enough silly worries for now. Relax. Breathe. And go find some thermal underwear. Its gonna be cold.


Unknown said...

I'm so excited for you to get here!!

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip! I wish I could have had Booker...but I'm over my limit of extra children with all of Joy's. I call him next time! I just spent the weekend in Tucson with Kylee. She had a vball tournament early Sat morning so we drove up Fri night and stayed at the Westin La Poloma. It was soooo pretty! Of course I thought we were right by your house no matter where we were - it all looks the same to me! You should sneak Booker into the pools at the Westin. No security, no locks on the gates...and many many pools heated to 82 degrees. Addie was in heaven.