Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ode to the Pregnant Husband

Pregnancy is hard on me. And I certainly do enough complaining that everyone knows it. So at least I get my share of sympathy and free passes. But, Clark... poor, poor Clark. Pregnancy is harder on him and he doesn't even get to complain. No one ever remembers the poor pregnant husband, do they?

I feel like I've been living under a anti-nausea-med-induced haze the last couple of months and as I come out of it, I'm beginning to realize how much Clark has shouldered on his own. He's been a single parent for quite some time now. Going to work for twelve hours and then returning home to piles of laundry, a dirty house and attention starved children. I wander off to bed leaving him to organize, clean, bathe and bed. AND HE DOES. Every time. Without a word of complaint. It's incredible. He's incredible. I'm incredibly lucky.

Curious, I googled "ode to the pregnant husband" to see if anyone else felt as blessed as I do. Among the top results were articles titled, "Pregnant Woman Stabs Husband in Stomach" and "I'm Pregnant and I Can't Stand My Husband's Odor." I can honestly say I've never been close to stabbing Clark in the stomach which is saying a lot because my hormones have been pretty wacky as of late. And as for the odor thing, I'm pretty sure my odor is worse than his... my legs harrier, my breath stinkier, my overall grooming habits much more questionable.

So thank you, my darling. If it weren't for you, our children would be in protective services, our toilets covered in mold, our fridge devoid of food and I would be... well, probably still stinky and harry and gross unfortunately.

And just because I hate to post without any pictures... here's what my camera has been holding for the last two months.

Marie, Kyle and Amara came to visit Tucson (in August?) and we went to Bedroxx Bowling. It's clear that my complete disregard for personal appearance is rubbing off on my children. Oh dear.



Clark engineered this hands-free double leash so he can take the dogs running in the mornings. It's pretty awesome. There's even a pocket in the back for a water bottle. Don't even think about patenting it. It's ours! (And to our friends, the Bennetts, whose dog we've been watching- this picture was taken before Clark decided it was a good idea to "groom" Kye. I hope you'll decide to still be friends with us when you come back home!)

Here are some shots of Miss Amber's preschool class field trip to the fire station. Did you know that October is fire safety month? Thank goodness for awesome teachers like Miss Amber because otherwise it would never occur to me that Booker is capable of learning how to dial 911. Does anyone else always underestimate their children like I do? I suck.




daveandlisa said...

Love this post! I'm sorry that you've been so sick but hopefully you'll be clear of that soon and we can hang out when we get back in just ONE MORE WEEK!!!!! Woo hoo! I almost feel guilty taking Kye away from Fergus though. Last time she barely ate the whole time we were there and seemed so sad and depressed. I guess we'll just have to hang out a lot at places where we can take the dogs so they can play. And you know that we are not going to care about Kye's haircut. Dave too admitted that Kye looks awful when I'm done with her too. Eventually it all grows out and she looks a little more normal again. Can't wait to see you guys!!!!!

Emily said...

LOVED this post. You always say everything so perfectly. Clark is amazing! What a trooper. Regardless of how hard he is working, you are definitely doing the harder job (sorry Clark). Hang in there. It'll all be worth it!

Dan and Jan said...

Margaret, you make we laugh! You and Clark are lucky to have each other.

emilymhjohnson said...

I can totally relate to this - it only recently occurred to me what I do to the people around me when I get pregnant. I thought I was the only one suffering but that's just not the case! Our poor little hubbies (and kiddos). Also, I must admit that when I was pregnant with Milo (but not this time - weird) I found Matt's scent totally nauseating. I had to hold my breath to hug him. We didn't sleep in the same bed. And as you can imagine, there were lots of "not tonight honey" nights. Blech. I feel nauseous just thinking about it. Just remember it doesn't last forever and the payoff is huge! Someday soon you will be just like I am right now: really fat, really tired and sore all over. But the nausea is OVER (halleluia!) Hang in there Margaret - and keep blogging whenever you can. I love it!