Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yet Another Bullet Blog

Here's what I've been thinking about lately.

- I used to look forward to tax season, not anymore.

- I like painting. We've painted three rooms so far and it's amazing how a coat of paint (or sometimes 3) can make a room feel so different. I especially like painting when I have someone to keep me company.

- Speaking of paint (and this is definitely not an announcement of any sort), I may have shot myself in the foot by painting the future baby room a very subtle shade of pink. That just guarantees that my third will be a boy, right? Subtle as it is (and believe me, it's SUBTLE), it's still pink. A girl can dream. About having girls.

- I'm glad we took out a life insurance policy on me before I knew about my gene status. I hate to think what our rate would have been if the insurance company knew I had such a high chance of getting breast cancer. Good timing on our part.

- I miss Clark already even though he's only been out of town for 2 hours.

- Teichert has unusual eyebrows. I think this means he will have a good sense of humor when he's older.

- I really hate buying furniture. It feels like such an important decision and I hate making important decisions. Hand-me-down furniture is the way to go. I have a panic attack when I'm faced with all the choices at a regular furniture store. I'll be sticking to Craigslist from here on out.

- I'm actually looking forward to the summer. I smelt something in the air yesterday that reminded me of summer. It just smelt warm and fresh (like sun-scorched clean) and I felt excited. I think this has something to do with the thankless relationship I have with our pool these days. I spend so much time cleaning, scrubbing and skimming it's ice cold water and for what? Well, nothing right now but this summer the pool is going to rock my socks.

- And lastly, I wish I was a runner. I wish I was lean and athletic and lithe like my runner friends. Really, I wish I was like my dad who has always been a great example when it comes to exercise (maybe I'll start playing squash- hah!) I just admire people who can run. It seems like one of the best forms of exercise out there. I won't embarrass myself by sharing my sporadic and pitiful running experiences here. Rather, I want to hear about your running experiences. Please give me hope! Tell me about how you absolutely hated running and collapsed on your driveway heaving after one mile and woke up the next morning stiff as a board. And then tell me about how now you LOVE running and sign up for every marathon within 1000 miles of you. Or not, maybe you still hate running but I want to hear about that too. I want your stories, your tips and your advice for a total running novice.


Usandthings said...

I hated running for a long time, then I decided I wanted to run a 5K. Previous, I had sporadic and lame running attempts that never topped more than 2 miles. While training, I found that the longer distances suited me better and I got in a zone and I really liked it. Good luck!

Carly said...

I hate running. I need competition to motivate me to run. The furthest I run at one time is 3 miles. And I feel like I am going to die for most of it.

Just go the easy route. Starve yourself. (I'm kidding; I AM KIDDING). Or go Sadie's route. Throw up half of what you eat.

Struvy said...

My dad runs too, I know how you feel.

I have always been incredibly anit-running. However, in the few times I've actually made it to the gym this year, I've found that it gives you a pretty great high.

(That is, if you can find a way to strap down the Tueller boobs.)

Callie Proffitt Christiansen said...

I have no experience in this because I ABSOLUTELY HATE RUNNING as well. But my sister in law has doe that recently. She realized how everything she has tried that has been remotely hard she quit. So, she decided to start running and not quit this time. Her first goal was to get through running just one mile without stopping. She hated it but she did it. She can now run 3 miles without stopping and enjoys it. Now her goal is to do a half marathon. I think she is crazy.

grauntbetsy said...

Okay here's my story. I haven't been running for almost a year and I miss it terribly as does my body that has put on unneeded weight because of not running. I am getting old and need to stretch to not get plantar fascitis. So everyday that I ran, I hated the first mile or more, but once I got over a certain distance I am just in the mode and I really do like it. I love the way I feel after. I am going to soon start again and take it slow as I get my body use to it again. Just take it slow and endure. I really say to myself I hate this, I hate this for the first five to ten minutes and then that feeling goes away. It goes away faster if I am running with someone. Good luck.

Petra said...

I'm with Betsy--I hate it at first, and sometimes the entire time I'm doing it. The feeling when you're finished is AWESOME, though, and totally worth the pain. And I find it easier when I'm not with someone, but have a story/podcast/interesting music on my iPod to distract me.

Oh, and Betsy, you should run barefoot. Have you heard of this trend? I'm intrigued by it.

the coltons said...

forget the running, just don't do it. :) sorry, i'm a sore sport when it comes to running - i LOATHE it. but i have my own set of cottle boobs :) so, the real question is - DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!?!?!?!?!?! i want to see pics!!!!

Margaret Proffitt said...

Logan, I've got to wear two sports bras to contain my Tueller boobs... maybe I should just cut them off :)

And Erin, I didn't cut my hair- that's my mother-in-law in the photo. She does have super cute hair though! And Clark and I are going to be in Utah next weekend. We really want to get together with you guys!

Jen said...

3 Words

Oh. And a few more words. The snow pictures are CrAzY!

Unknown said...

From a complete novice, who just took up running at the ripe old age of 38 5 weeks ago. I like it; I'm not addicted, but I'm convinced it will help me strengthen my core, so I'm doing it. And I go with a great friend, so the chatting helps. Of course, there is always a few minutes (up those hills, for example) when we don't talk, just huff and puff.

Joy said...

Margs, running is stupid. How can you not see that the whole marathon/half marathon/ 10 or 5k is just the new trendy mormon mom thing to bunco. Running is super hard on your knees and hips. it is not good for your body. You can get just as much good from walking if you get your heart rate up and it wont kill your joints. But you still might need 2 sports bras. We sure miss having you close, have fun in Utah!

Emily said...

^^She didn't just say that did she?! I guess I take it a little personal because it's saying that I'm running just to be a trendy mormom mom. If I had trained hard and ran that marathon just to be trendy, that would be pretty lame, huh? Stupid actually, considering how freaking HARD I worked! If I wanted to be trendy (which I'm NOT, I would just go buy a new outfit). Running has changed my life and in a good way. Yes, it's hard on your knees and joints but your body adapts and as long as you have proper nutrition, fluids and you stretch good, you will be fine. You CANNOT get the same benefits by walking. It's just not possible. My best advice is this:
::Keep going! Don't give up!
::Sign up for a 5K and commit to finishing it regardless of how slow you think you are.
::Find a buddy to run with (me) at least occasionally.
::Eat enough calories so you have energy.
::Don't be hard on yourself if you have a really crappy run.
You will hate it at first but eventually, you will LOVE it and you will watch the pounds melt away and your body change!

Good luck! You can do it!! I'm excited to run with you...

Amelia said...

Tueller boobs! I now have a name for my condition and a reason why I cannot possibly run.

Nadia said...

Man, I wish I had the Tueller boob problem. No such luck. Anyway, I am on week 2 of a "start running" program. How sad is it that 2 minutes of running totally does me in? Here's the link to the little program that I'm trying out.
What are you up to this weekend? Will we see you?

Diane said...

1) Research shows that you can get the same overall health benefits from walking.

2) Research shows that people who own dogs get more exercise in a week than people who work out at the gym daily.

3) You think Teichert will have a good sense of humor when he grows up because your association with dramatic eyebrows and humor comes from living with your Uncle Lant.

4) Teichert's laugh already demonstrates he has a good sense of humor.

5) I used to run. My knees and back are shot. Now I walk. I have a dog. It makes me happy.

6)My husband has dramatic eyebrows and a good sense of humor.

Diane said...

PS. So glad you are posting again. I missed you.

Clark would miss the Tueller boobs if you cut them off.

Dan and Jan said...

Who cares about running, I want to see the rooms you painted!