Friday, April 10, 2009

Old Tucson


My quest to tour all of Southern Arizona's major attractions continued today at Old Tucson Studios. Old Tucson is basically a gigantic movie set/theme park set out in the middle of the desert. Tons of movies and shows have been filmed there including Dirty Dingus Magee (tee hee) and Three Amigos

I was feeling especially brave/crazy and brought Booker's girlfriend, Rachel. Two toddlers in potty training and not a single accident? I'd say we had a pretty successful day. Rachel was such a delight and wanted to hold my hand all day. Booker, on the other hand, was all over the place. Thankfully, we met up with some of my favorite gals from the ward and they were so helpful. 

The rides were fun, the shows scary and the cowboys friendly. See for yourself. 

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Emily said...

GREAT pictures! Thanks so much for taking Rachel with you. She had such a great time. I owe ya!